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By krash Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood a 3DYou ‘re a soldier in a paratrooper squad who must succeeded the essfully overcome all of the obstacles, from the chaotic beaches of the landing to the Af rican desert where the menacing regiments of th e Afrikacorps wait for you with determination. During your mission, you will need to protect a doctor. destroy a bunker. and hold positions – indefensible at best. Not o nly that – enemy bombings can suddenly strike at any moment. In short, you won”t have a minute to rest! To fight the var ious types of enemies (Panzers. over-equipped Wehrmacht soldiers. etc.) throughout the seven different missions, you”ll have a veritable arsenal at your dispos al : rifles, submachine guns, grenades, a flame-thrower. and even an assault tank-not to mention the free dom to do whatever you want! Brother In Arms : Earned In Bloods

Size:1.1 MB
Platform:Symbian S60
Add Time:2007-7-13
Update Time:2007-7-13

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