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Get a FREE Domain Name – www.YOU.co.nr

.PREMIUM Free Domain Name 
package was designed to provide domain name free, subdomain services mainly for advanced internet users, who have some basic knowledge about the DNS (Domain Name System) and process of setting up name servers as well as other DNS records (NS, A, MX, CNAME, TXT, etc.) for the domain name to work properly. 
The PREMIUM package includes a free domain, free subdomain of .co.nr domain name such as YOURNAME.CO.NR or COMPANY.CO.NR and the following features:

No Ads at all (no banners, no popups, etc.) on free CO.NR domain names;
use your own name servers and modify any DNS records you wish;
use e-mail forwarding with addresses like John@yourname.co.nr, etc.
setup free subdomains for your .co.nr domains like forum.yourname.co.nr, etc. 
 Advantages of Premium Free Domain Name package:

Yes! No setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees, no renewal fees, etc.


And we are not going to add them in future. Because it is simply impossible ­čÖé

You have a TOTAL control over your free domain name

Yes, enjoy the total freedom of making any modifications in your domain DNS settings. Add, delete, modify all DNS records – A records, MX records, NS records, CNAME, etc.

Branded Free Email addresses

You can use your branded email addresses such as John@yourdomain.co.nr at your very own domain name. Create as many e-mail addresses as you wish.

Unlimited number of Free Subdomains

It is possible to create subdomains of your free domain name such as forums.yourdomain.co.nr and point them to your other websites or to another section of your current website.

Unlimited Free URL Forwarding

You can even host your website with a free web hosting provider that do not support domain names hosting. In this case you can use free url forwarding to point your free .co.nr web address to your webspace.

Unlimited Free Email Forwarding

Your free web hosting provider DONT provide email addresses? – Not a problem at all, just use free e-mail forwarding (yourname@yourdomain.co.nr) to forward all your emails to your free mailbox

And there might be some more advantages that we just forgot to mention here ­čÖé

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