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FIFA 10 is the latest installment in the FIFA soccer series. The game has seen lots of progress in the last few years, and the 2009 version is in my humble opinion the best one of all time. The gameplay itself is what has improved most noticeably. The players are more responsive than ever and in-game collisions tend to be realistic. There are still some problems here and there, especially in defense, where players seem to not be able to get some easy balls. In offense, there are some passes that are too unrealistic, in the sense that they wouldn’t even have a chance in real life, yet they still make it past the D. However, there are ways to work around those little defects.[
There are several new features this year. Live Season is up to version 2.0. It allows you to relive your club’s latest season and change history, in a way. The best feature this year is Virtual Pro. It allows you to create a player to your likeness and train him by completing a series of achievements on the pitch. You can use him in most modes, even unranked games online. You can even upload your picture and have the Virtual Pro’s face modeled to look like you, and it does look so.

Download FIFA 10 1.0 

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