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Submit’emNow 3.0 Site submission software Quick and relable

Submit’emNow is a freeware directory submitter that allows you to submit your site or blog to various Internet search engines and directories in a half automatic mode (like manual submission, but much faster). Submit’emNow allows you to considerably reduce the time and simplify the process of site submission preserving the quality of manual submission at the same time.



Reduce Submission Time

Submit’emNow takes care of small details thus allowing you to reduce the time necessary to promote your resources in search engines.

Support of Vary Directories

Fully automatic site submission software can neither correctly select the category for your site nor enter numbers displayed in images that resources display in order to prevent search spam.


The revolutionary IntelliBackLink technology allows you to submit your site to resources that require a backlink as fast as if they would not require a backlink at all.

Manual Quality Submission

Submt’em Now allows you to completely control the process of submitting your site thus guaranteeing 100% quality.

No Reasons for Ban

The user controls Submit’emNow so it is not an automatic search spam program that can harm the promotion of your site in search engines and even result in it being banned.


SmartForm is a technology that can recognize fields on the submission site in a smart way. The system automatically learns and fills out forms. You do not even have to make additional mouse moves.

Just follow these quick steps to get started:
  • You have to be using Firefox to get this to work. If you have not yet used Firefox go download Firefox, and then come back to this page using Firefox as your web browser.
  • Click Here to install the Submit’emNow extension.
  • If the Software Installation window is visible click Install Now.
  • If not, then:
    • See if there is a yellow bar near the top of your browser.
    • Click the Edit Options button on the yellow bar.
    • Click Allow. Then click OK.
    • Click Here
    • Click the Install Now button.
  • As a final step, restart Firefox.

Hey, don’t forget the directory list!

Download the database with 728 directories.

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