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Phones with plated in 18-carat gold

Nokia Cell Phones has gone, with one phone at least, the way of targeting on a certain group with their new 6700 plated in 18-carat gold. While the majority of cell phone companies to date have been focused on revving up their best smartphones for the market some companies are also trying their luck with niche and demographic specific phones, targeting certain groups rather than the general population. Both tactics have been successful in keeping the companies competitive in an ever–widening market and both are undoubtedly helpful in making companies distinct.
Nokia Cell Phones 6700 “Gold Edition” is plated completely with 18-carat gold and includes matching gold wallpapers. These are part of an increasing, though not large, trend of luxury cell phones on the market today. LG Cell Phones have done similar such things as have designer brands, coming out with cell phones sold exclusively in department stores and boutiques. The Nokia 6700 “Gold Edition” also comes with a great 5 megapixel camera that has auto focus as well as an LED flash, noise canceling technology for disruptive outside noise and even Nokia maps for both driving and walking directions. So while this may be a luxury phone it is not all looks it does have excellent functionality, too.
It is a luxury phone that features a slim, sleek design, beautiful aesthetics and a fairly rich feature. When all is said and done this phone really does exemplify balance. While it is known as a luxury phone the people at Nokia were very savvy in giving more than just looks. They truly delivered and it seems as though that will pay tremendous dividends for them.
What is so nice about this and other phones coming out today is that developers find new, exciting and creative ways to make phones stand out while never shying away nor neglecting some of the basic functions and necessities that people have come to expect in a cell phone — that is cell phone call quality, coverage, and the likes. And that is of utmost importance today because one cannot make a cell phone that has the richest feature set to date then neglect call quality and expect the phone to be a hit. It simply does not work in that manner.
So keep in mind that today, a luxury may be luxurious but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still function like any other quality cell phone out there. And that is exactly the way things should be, right?=

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