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Apps The Way I Like It

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

With competition in the mobile phone market growing daily, there are new handsets hitting the shelves on an almost weekly basis. With the main brands competing on camera resolution, screen size, OLED integration and myriad other small factors it can be a serious challenge to pinpoint the handset most suited to your needs. Sidestepping this minefield for the time being there is a way in which you can ensure that at least one aspect of your phone is up to date in the areas which matter to you most: through apps.

Apps allow the user to install additional functions, games and programmes to their handset with minimal effort and very often for absolutely free. So before you look into which specific piece of hardware is most suitable it is worth considering which software platform most matches your requirements. At present there are four main operating system-native platforms at the forefront of the field:

App Store

Apple pioneered the app concept and advertise this extensively, established in July 2008 the App Store service offers more than 140,000 different apps and has facilitated in the region of 3 billion downloads. Designed predominantly for the iPhone, it also caters for Apple’s iPod Touch, and iPad and is based around the popular iTunes format.

Android Market

Developed by web-giants Google and launched in October 2008, this application store built into the Android operating system is growing rapidly and hotly tipped to usurp App Store in the near future. With around 40,000 apps available and near seamless integration into the operating system it is tied to, it offers a very intuitive experience and generally has more free apps than it’s competitors due to the ease with which third party developers can produce software and distribute through the Android Market portal.

OVI Store

Nokia’s OVI is the brand under which the Finnish mobile phone masters operate their internet services. Initially OVI served mostly PC based applications and acted as a competitor to Apple’s iTunes and Google Maps. In May 2009 it made the leap into providing mobile phone apps and now offers more than 2500 (often 3rd party developed) handset applications through OVI Store alongside a mobile based version of their map software. By August 2009 OVI Store had been the conduit for 10 million software downloads.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Established in October 2009, this digital distribution platform for Windows Mobile initially served only Windows Mobile 6.5 operated handsets and personal computers but has since been tailored to operate within earlier 6.x editions. Although only offering 376 unique apps in November 2009 the platform is growing in popularity and available applications, particularly in the light of the imminent release of the Windows Mobile 7 operating system.

Other handset manufacturers and mobile phone operating system developers have either launched their own apps platforms or have them in the pipeline. App Catalog by Palm for instance was launched in June 2009 catering for Palm’s range handheld devices. It’s hard to see what the future holds for app download systems, but there is much excitement about software such as Google Android, which is non-manufacturer specific hence has the potential to become a more universal platform in the mobile computing world.

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February 8, 2010 4 comments

Komponen  utama komputer merupakan bagian yang harus ada dalam sebuah sistem komputer,  karena dalam sebuah sistem komputer jika  satu saja  dari  komponen utama tersebut tidak ada,  maka sistem komputer pun tidak  akan berjalan  atau tidak befungsi sebagaimana yang diharapkan
Komponen utama dalam sistem komputer ada tiga  yaitu:
  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Brainware


Hardware atau perangkat keras dalam sistem komputer  merupakan  komponen  yang secara fisik dapat dilihat dan diraba yang membentuk suatu  kesatuan  sehingga dapat difungsikan.
Perangkat tersebut antara lain adalah:
  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. CPU
  4. Monitor
  5. Printer



Software atau perangkat lunak adalah suatu  program yang berisi instruksi-instruksi (perintah) yang  dimengerti oleh komputer.  Perangkat  komputer yang terdiri dari jutaan komponen elektronik tidak dapat melakukan kegiatan apapun tanpa adanya software. Dengan adanya software ini kita dapat meminta pada komputer  untuk : mengetik suart/dokumen, menghitung, menggambar, megeluarkan suara  dan lain sebagainya.  
Software dapat dibedakan berdasarkan fungsinya antara lain yaitu:
– Software Sistem Operasi
Software Sistem Operasi, berfungsi sebagai :
  • Interpreter yaitu: Menterjemahkan perintah dari software aplikasi kedalam perintah yang di mengerti oleh computer
  • Configurasi Hardware yaitu: Mengenal peralatan pendukung komputer (pheriperal)
  • Manajemen File yaitu: Pengolahan File (data dan program). Contoh sistem operasi: Windows, Linux, dll
– Software Aplikasi
Software Aplikasi ini dikelompokan berdasarkan fungsi atau  bidang pekerjaan yang dilakukan
– Software Utilities

Brainware yaitu pemakai komputer  atau orang  yang mengoperasikan komputer (User), karena secanggih apapun komputer jika tidak ada orang mengopersikan (user) nya  maka komputer tersebut tidak dapat digunakan.
User  atau pemakai komputer ada 3 tingkatan yaitu:
  • Sistem Analis
  • Programer
  • Operator 

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