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Remove Personal Antivirus 1.0

May 18, 2009 Leave a comment

This application is used to remove this fake Personal Antivirus from your computer

Personal Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware program come out from the company called Innovagest 2000. It is installed by a trojan called Zlob, which trys to trick you into buying the alleged rogue anti-spyware program.

Once you’re infected with Zlob, a fake security message similar to a Windows notification pops up saying your PC is infected with malware. This Personal Antivirus message is used to lure you into purchasing, downloading and installing their program to remove the imaginary spyware. Remove Personal Antivirus is used to remove this fake antivirus from your computer.

for Remove Personal Antivirus 1.0:

Softpedia Secure Download (US) [EXE]

Softpedia Secure Download (RO) [EXE]


Ansav +EA 2.0.26 Beta / 1.9.3

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Ansav is a free antivirus utility designed to identify, thwart and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software (malware).

ANSAV, abbreviation from An’s AntiVirus, is an application that runs on
Windows XP and was made especially to handle various mallware like virus,
Trojan and Spyware.

This is not a commercial Antivirus, ANSAV was only designed as portable software and can be undertaken without needing the installation, because ANSAV is not resident and only treats.

At this time ANSAV could have detected various newest local virus (Indonesia
Viruses) and several foreign viruses that often circulated in Indonesia, but ANSAV cannot be relied on as personal Antivirus because there are quite a few viruses that could be detected by other Antivirus softwares and were not detected by ANSAV. This was caused by the limitations of the Antivirus database (the virus definition signature).

ANSAV was developed for Indonesian purpose (local support only) although it can detect several foreign viruses, therefore your role is to always send the sample of the newest virus that still could not be detected by ANSAV, so that ANSAV would become your main weapon to eradicate the virus, especially the local virus.

Ansav contains the definitions of more than 776 viruses.
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